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Wrecking Ball / Battle Zone


This is a dual featured Combat inflatable
Human Wrecking Ball

This is a game for up tp 4 players and is the  ultimate crowd pleaser!

Try and knock your opponents of there podium by swinging the wrecking ball towards them,when you knock them off they fall to the safety of the large inflatable bed and they are out.Last one standing is the winner.....

Gladiator Duel

By removing the wrecking ball two opponents can stand on the inner podiums and do head on battle as gladiators.Put on the safety helmets and let battle commence.

A brilliant high energy two for the price of one combat game

Suitable for ages 6 and up to Adults

Measures around 20' x 20'

Check availability & book

For bookings before Sunday, 26th June 2022 please phone to book.